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hello there everybody *waves*
im new here, just wanted to introduce my self around.
well im 16(young i know but im more mature than my age suggests!) and Quills is my favourite film ever!
its great to find a place i can share views on it!
i actually try to force everybody to watch this film, no matter how mentally scarred they may become:D hey, it didnt mess me up...i was already down that path before this film!
Im a big Joaquin Phoenix fan too *swoon* and this is IMO some of his best work. Abbe is the perfect man!
and also im a porn writer! i kid you not! im writing this gay porn rom-com with a friend also on LJ and one of the characters is based on Joaquin(the other is Gerard Butler!:D)
and just because it needs bringing up, i a writing a sort of story about Quills, and its gay! as is most of my obsessed? no! not me!*shame*...its sort of a cross over of Quills and another fgilm i lurve...Phantom of the just came to me and needed to br purged from my mind!
so thanks for letting me join...!
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